VARSHA N., JD (Current LA Chapter Vice President): Varsha is an International Speaker, Mayo Clinic Trained Wellness Coach and Founder of ROAR Training Consulting, LLC (ROAR TC®).The mission of ROAR T&C® is to bring awareness on key social issues and providing professionals with tools to enhance services for diverse populations (ROAR TC: Reflect, Observe, Analyze, and Respond®). She received her BA from Columbia University and later received her JD.


Varsha provides innovative trainings to law enforcement, judges, lawyers, military on healing and resiliency, diversity, bias, domestic violence/sexual assault nationally and around the world-Spain, Australia, Italy, Rwanda, India etc. Varsha has served as a domestic violence/sexual assault advocate in hospital settings and 24 Hour crisis helplines. She has worked with diverse populations from Somalia, Nepal, India, Sierra Leon, Iraq, Russia, Ethiopia, amongst others and also received training through Harvard Medical School’s Program in Global Mental Health Refugee Trauma. Her passion includes dedicating time to causes she holds dear to heart:


Varsha’s Leadership/Board Experience:

1.     Vice President, UNA Los Angeles Chapter

2.     Advisory Council, Los Angeles United Nations Women Chapter

3.     Advisory Council, International Women’s Peace Group (LA)

4.     End Violence Against Women International 

·       Director

·       Executive Officer

·       Co-Chair, Fund Development

·       Host/Moderator, International Attendees Meet & Greet

5.     Member, Los Angeles Police Dept (LAPD) DNA Task Force

6.     Co-Chair, Committee on Religion & DV, Los Angeles Domestic Violence Council 

7.     International Peace Lecturer, International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG)

8.     Steering Committee Member, OCAPS, Ohio Coalition Adult Protective Services


Statement by Varsha: Our beautiful, diverse city of Angels is a vibrant, amazing place that is home to all of us unique Angelinos. What makes us great? Our individuality, diversity, and experience. The power and energy lies in each one of us to rise, to gather, to do great things - together. I am excited to represent the LA chapter on the national United Nations Association level, develop corporate partnerships, collaborate with you to continue our advocacy on the SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Developmental Goals) and also collectively create amazing events such as walkathons, fun meet and greets, volunteering together at the LA food bank, dance-a-thons, UN Day, International Women’s Day and much more. 


I look forward to leading and collaborating with board and chapter members and our beautiful community at large. For anyone reading this, thank you for taking the time to do so – looking forward to working together!


SHRUTHI MATHUR: Shruthi spent a decade as a TV journalist at the United Nations for channels in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. This experience gave her a deep appreciation and first hand look into the inner workings of the United Nations daily operations on every level and a desire to work with like minded peace building advocates from all walks of life. Shruthi has also worked at cultural institutions like the Smithsonian, National Geographic Traveler, and the US National Heritage Areas. She joined the American Red Cross DC chapter at the age of 15 and volunteered in a variety of capacities at the chapter level, as one of 8 regional ambassadors, and eventually on the ARC National Youth Council. The Disney and Nickelodeon TV writer was a speaker at the National UNICEF Summit and part of a Congressional Delegation on Capitol Hill to lobby for children's rights. The new mother also is a mentor with Etre Girls and an advocate with UN Women, Shruthi is so excited to combine her passions for art and advocacy, culture and community, and work alongside fellow members of the United Nations Association community of LA to create a brighter more inclusive future for all!


MARAL BAHMAN It is with utmost pleasure that I write this nomination letter for the position of VP of Communications a t UNA-L A. I am thrilled at the prospect of joining the team again and contributing more time to building a social media presence while also focusing extensively on in-depth communications efforts and marketing strategies . I am keen to bring more senior experience working at a global non-profit to the table now ! I pay great attention to detail and thrive under deadlines and pressure. I am a natural -born communicator with a fervor for forming and fostering relationships. My genuine enthusiasm and passion for meaningful connection are my biggest forte. I adapt and adjust very quickly and seamlessly. I always bring a unique perspective to the table and enjoy utilizing ingenuity to make things more efficient and engaging. I strive to break barriers in a digitally saturated world. Ultimately, I am looking to work within an organization that aims to add value to the lives of others . I have witnessed firsthand the extraordinary work UNA-LA does in Los Angeles . Being able to spread the visibility of this work through social and digital content would be invaluable and fulfilling personally. Combining my unique and diverse skill sets and previous experience with UNA-L A with my enthusiasm for thinking outside the box and working hard would make me a tremendous asset to the chapter.

Officer Positions on the Los Angeles Chapter Board Up for Election


Time Requirement: 20 hrs/ week This position is a part-time job (yes, really)

Other Requirements: Previous working board experience, previous non-profit experience,  knowledge of and networking connections with other local non-profits, businesses, governments, and educational institutions.

As President you will oversee all chapter operations and are by default a member on all committees (Membership, Fundraising, Advocacy, and Communications Committees). You will liase with the national office to ensure any and all policy and procedures are followed and for any chapter needs. You will work in tandem with the chapter treasurer to ensure the chapter remains in good financial standing, yearly taxes are filed, and facilitate any funds transfered with UNFCU for fundraising purposes or chapter needs. You will lead monthly board meetings, proactively join committee meetings to have a pulse on all chapter operations and ensure the chapter is functioning at it's most efficient, and work closely with all board members on any issues. This position requires being a team player, even-keeled, highly organized, and diplomatic. 

Vice President

Time Requirement: 5-10 hrs/ week - part-time job (as needed by Pres.) 

Other Requirements: Previous working board experience, previous non-profit experience,  knowledge of and networking connections with other local non-profits 

As Vice President (VP) you will assist the President as needed and are by default a member on all committees (Membership, Fundraising, Advocacy, and Communications Committees). Should the president be unable to attend a meeting, an event, or otherwise abdicate from their role, you will step in for the president to fulfill their duties. Recommended but not required: interest in President role.


Time Requirement: Must attend all monthly board meetings; submit records of meeting in a timely fashion

Succinct and organized note taker. Accurately report on all agenda items discussed, record votes taken, and board member attendance. Must submit meeting notes to the board in a timely fashion for board approval at the next board meeting. 

VP of Membership

Time Requirement: 5 hrs/ week (10hrs/week when coordinating membership events)

Recieve and review monthly membership reports from UNA National office and communicate any discrepencies.  Reach out to new members and lapsed members. Make sure new members are recieving chapter communications. Plan new member events and on-boarding sessions periodically throughout the year. Manage all volunteer efforts of non-board members. Must be friendly, personable, and diplomatic.

VP of Communications

Time Requirement: 5 hrs/ week (10hrs/week in lead up to events)

Other Requirements: Previous experience in social media management and content creation; Must be proficient in Facebook and Instagram, skilled in growing an online presence,  knowledgable about UN official days, cause days, international relations and global events.

This position is highly interactive with all other officers and committees to facilitate clear communication to LA Chapter members and the public about chapter events, UNA events, and other opportunities for engagement along with general information relating to international affairs and the United Nations. Must have discretion on language used and a keen understanding for current events and global issues as they relate to the UNs SDGs. 

VP of Fundraising

Time Requirement: Up to 5 hrs/week depending on fundraising initiatives

Other Requirements: Previous fundraising experience, Background in finance or fundraising recommended. 

The VP of Fundraising will create yearly fundraising goals for the LA Chapter. This person will work closely with the advocacy committee to create fundraising opportunities usually in coordination with chapter events. During global crisis or emergencies fundraising may be on behalf of UN initiatives and agencies. VP of Fundraising will also work with the communications committee to execute marketing of fundraising campaigns and to reach fundraising goals.